"The music of S. Peace Nistades paints bold and striking colors on the American film canvas."

                                                                 -Benjamin Gabriel, director

S. Peace Nistades (b. 1989) is a composer for film, fashion and stage. He has scored numerous films in over six countries worldwide based out of his music production facility in Los Angeles, CA. Among artists he has collaborated are Lisbeth Scott (The Passion of the Christ, Munich), Karen Han (The Hurt Locker, Kung Fu Panda, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End), Gingger Shankar (Charlie Wilson's War), Jason Charles Miller (Godhead, Diablo III), Mitchell Marlow (Filter), Felicia Day (the Guild, Dragon Age: Redemption) and concert pianist Christopher Janwong McKiggan.

His work has screened in over 30 film festivals worldwide including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival (France) and can be heard on numerous albums including the recent release Paganimania for Albany Records with reviews stating "the sheer fragile beauty of some passages are miraculous" (Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine) and "perfect" (EFilmCritic.com).

Nistades has collaborated with fashion designer Emily Daccarett on five of her collections creating original music for each campaign as well as the music for the entire runway show for her Fall-Winter 2015 Noir collection which premiered at New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week that year. 

He lives in Los Angeles, CA.


Award Nominations /

IAWTV Awards (Dragon Age: Redemption)
Best Trailer Music (True Magic)