Dragon Age: Redemption BEHIND THE MUSIC Sneak Peak

The filming of our upcoming Dragon Age: Redemption “Behind-the-Music” VLog series presented by Alkaloide Music Productions and Film Music Media‘s Kaya Savas took place this past Sunday, Oct. 30. It was superb fun and nostalgic to have the main team members back in the same room. The discussions that ensued brought back great memories and gave us all, as much as one can in projects like these, a great sense of closure. As I remember answering one of Kaya Savas’ ending questions, “In many ways, I’ve never left the world of Dragon Age.” When you’ve worked for so long and really put yourself into a project, it stays with you and this is certainly one of those for me, so in a way, filming this VLog series was a great way for all of us to be able to sit back and reflect on our time on the series; for me, about 6 months from being on set to being in the final color correction theatre.

Our Vlog series was expertly filmed by filmmaker Benjamin Schultz from Andaman Pictures and details of the release will come soon. In the meantime, here are some stills from the shoot, with a special appearance by Dragon Age: Redemption’s tireless and amazing writer/producer/star Felicia Day (photos courtesy of Benjamin Gabriel Photography)!


FELICIA DAY, writer/producer/star of Dragon Age: Redemption

S. PEACE NISTADES, composer/executive music producer of Dragon Age: Redemption

JASON C. MILLER, music editor & featured musician for Dragon Age: Redemption

JENNIFER COOK, associate music producer & solo vocalist of Dragon Age: Redemption

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