After a long journey, Paganimania an album of newly commissioned compositions based on Paganini's renown Caprice No. 24 by pianist Christopher Janwong McKiggan is released on Albany Records.

Among the seven composers is S. Peace Nistades with his piece Niccolo: A Fantasie in Thirteen Parts. Below are the programme notes for the piece: 

NICCOLO: A Fantasie in Thirteen Parts

Music by S. Peace Nistades

Arranged for Piano Solo by Ian Yen-Chu Chen

Programme Notes

“...All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream…”

- Edgar Allen Poe

Coming from the world of cinema, it seemed an intriguing challenge to approach this piece as programme music; a fictionalized, imagination of the last night of one “Niccolo” in the year 1840. Two recurring themes I’m constantly drawn towards are the fine line between dreams and reality and the demons that haunt us all and how we deal with them. This piece explores some of these thematic ideas and takes the audience through the ailing mind of a man haunted by his past and whose perception of life teeters between reality and fantasy as he struggles to cling to what is left of himself. Will he succeed or fail….

Originally conceived as a piece for piano and orchestra, Ian Yen-Chu Chen has done a remarkable job of arranging it for piano solo whilst carefully preserving the mood and tone of the piece.

-S. Peace Nistades (Sept. 22, 2014)

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